Our Distributor in China

Our Distributor in China

Shanghai Sunqiao Yijia

Shanghai Sunqiao Yijia is one of the very first companies starting agricultural technical research and industrialization exploitation regarding soilless culture of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Through 30 years’ development, Shanghai Sunqiao Yijia has achieved remarkable achievements in area of smart green house, soilless culture, new variety breeding, nutrient solution, and irrigation system.

We now have a big family of 150 employees and the company has expanded its business all over China and successfully established subsidiaries in Shandong Province and Xinjiang Province meanwhile offices in Jiangsu Province, Ningxia Province and Tibet Area. Shanghai Sunqiao Yijia has passed the ISO9001, and the company acquired many honors including Shanghai Science and Technology Giant Enterprise, Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, Key Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization in Pudong New Area, Shanghai Greenhouse Manufacturing Association 5A Level Enterprise, and qualifications of steel structure engineering and landscaping.

Our Philosophy:
Technology makes Agriculture better!

Service Tenet:
Providing the latest technology, product and service by continuous innovation.

Primary Business:
Modern Agricultural Park Consulting and Plan, Landscape Design and Construction, Greenhouse Design and Construction, Soilless Culture Promotion and Application, Agricultural Technology Services and Training.


Shanghai Sunqiao Yijia Agricultural Science&Technology Co.,Ltd

No.1705 Kenong Road,Pudong New District, Shanghai, P.R.China

Tel:+86 021-58575641/+86 13651773928

E-mail: bulijun@soilless.cn

Site: www.chinasoilless.com

Taicang Gelin Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Taicang Gelin Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 20 million RMB. The company’s main business including the production of fertilizer, the design and installation of intelligent irrigation systems, the selection and promotion of special varieties for vegetables, green seedlings, tissue culture flowers, vegetables and forest fruit, production of virus seedlings and leisure agriculture.

Taicang Gelin is committed to the research of high-tech modern agricultural technology and promotion of agricultural industrialization. The company demonstrate the modern technology to farmers and drives farmers to become rich. Taicang Gelin has successively undertaken 10 science and technology projects, and applied for 8 national invention patents.

Taicang Gelin was identified as “Suzhou Science and Technology Enterprise” in 2010; listed in the city's key projects “Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Enterprises” in 2011, and was named Taicang City “Top Ten Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprises” in 2012.


Taicang Gelin Agricultural Science & Technology Co.,Ltd

No.1 Haitang Road, Yuewang, Taicang City, P.R.China

Tel:+86 0512-53300111/+86 13651773928

E-mail: lijunbu@126.com

Site: www.gelinnet.cn