At Senmatic, we know the importance of using reliable and accurate sensors to create a cost efficient and environmentally sustainable ventilation system. For Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) installations in industrial and residential buildings, we help you create a comfortable and healthy work environment.

Our sensor solutions help reduce energy consumption via intelligent monitoring of indoor climate, and at the same time achieve increasing productivity. Developed to work in individual offshore as well as land-based HVAC installations, Senmatic sensor solutions can be integrated into complete building management systems.

Our sensor offerings for temperature, humidity and gas measurement include:

  • Resistance temperature sensors, (Pt-100, Pt-1000 or NTC) for HVAC applications in marine and industrial installations.
  • Humidity sensors for HVAC applications in marine & industrial installations.
  • InClimate® - Comfort Control of Indoor Climate based on measurement of CO2, humidity and temperature

A major part of the sensors are certified to required industry standards.

Temperature sensor type BL

Type BL

Air Measurement - Classified

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CO2 - O2 sensor

Type CO2-O2

Gas sensors

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Mineral insulated insert type HMI

Type HMI60

Measuring insert

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Mineral insulated insert type HMI

Type HMI80

Measuring insert

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Humidity sensor type HTC

Type HTC

Humidity measurement

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InClimate HVAC sensor


Indoor climate control

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Humidity sensor type MHT

Type MHT

Humidity sensor

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Temperature sensor type PTE

Type PTE

Wire sensor

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Calibration temperature scale


Traceable to ITS-90 and EN60751

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For any purpose